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Postgraduate Programs
The Physics Department offers the following research-based postgraduate programs: MPhil in PhysicsPhD in Physics, MPhil and PhD in Nano Science and Technology; and a taught postgraduate program, MSc in Data-Driven Modeling.
Research-based Postgraduate Programs: 
The MPhil in Physics program aims at providing students with broad training that emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
The PhD in Physics program aims at providing research-oriented education for students interested in pursuing their long-term careers in basic and/or applied physics. It prepares students for worldwide competition and broad horizons in their career choices.
The MPhil in Nano Science and Technology program aims at training postgraduate students to conduct independent research in nano science and technology.
The PhD in Nano Science and Technology program aims at training postgraduate students in carrying out original research in nano science and technology, and to cultivate independent and innovative thinking.
Scientific computation serves as a bridge between the traditional domains of theoretical and experimental science.  The Scientific Computation Concentration offers specialized programs to support the academic development of students in this multi-disciplinary area. Students who undertake discipline-specific research involving scientific computation are strongly encouraged to enroll in this Concentration. 
Our postgraduate programs are backed up by a strong team of faculty members, who specialize in a variety of research interests.  The research programs at the Physics Department cover not only traditional physics disciplines, such as condensed matter physics and high energy physics, but also  biological physics, mesoscopic physics, computational physics, quantum physics, photonics, soft matter and nanomaterials science and technology. Read more in the research section.
Joining the Department of Physics as a postgraduate student is an exciting prospect. The Department has received world recongnization for its research breakthroughs. The strong research culture within the Department, and the university as a whole, has encouraged such success, with frequent collaborations between experimental and theoretical faculty members.
Our postgraduate programs seek to provide students with a solid grounding in broad physics principles and techniques, an ambience for creative and innovative activities, and opportunities for cross-and inter-disciplinary research. Currently, the Department has over 110 research postgraduate students. In addition, programs of regular visiting faculty members/scholars, overseas exchanges, research awards and fellowships have provided tremendous opportunities to our PG stduents.
Taught Postgraduate Program:
The Master of Science (MSc) Program in Data-Driven Modeling is jointly offered by the Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics. The program aims at training students with some science or engineering background who would like to prepare themselves for careers that require modeling skills based on information extracted from data.