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Courses being offered
The full list of PG Course offered by the Department of Physics.
PG Courses being offered in Fall Term 2021-2022

Course Code
 Course Title                                                                                             
PHYS 5110 Mathematics Methods in Physics
PHYS 5120
PHYS 5210
PHYS 5260
PHYS 5280
PHYS 5530 Introduction to General Relativity
PHYS 5820
Diffraction and Imaging Techniques in Materials Sicence
PHYS 6000
PHYS 6100
PHYS 6770
PHYS 6771
PHYS 6990
PHYS 7990
PG Courses being offered in Spring Term 2021-2022
Course Code
 Course Title                                                                                            
PHYS 5170 Solid State Physics I
PHYS 5310
PHYS 5340 Introduction to Quantum Many-body Theory
PHYS 5810
PHYS 6000
Physics Seminars
PHYS 6100A/B
Individual Study in Physics
PHYS 6771 Professional Development in Physics
PHYS 6990
MPhil Thesis Research
PHYS 7990
Doctoral Thesis Research