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Welcome to the HKUST Department of Physics
Welcome to the Department of Physics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). HKUST is a dynamic, young research university with a diverse international faculty and student body who relentlessly pursue excellence in teaching and research. Situated on the hillside overlooking scenic Clear Water Bay at the eastern edge of Hong Kong and the southeastern coast of China, HKUST has rapidly established itself as a leading institution on the academic world map since it was founded in 1991.  
Faculty members in the Department of Physics are passionately pursuing leading-edge research in several research areas, including atomic, molecular, and optical systems and quantum optics; condensed matter physics; particle physics and cosmology; quantum information; scientific computation; soft matter and biological physics; and wave functional materials and physics. The Department promotes the pursuit of cutting-edge research by cultivating a collaborative, supportive, and cohesive environment. For example, the Center for Fundamental Physics focuses on theoretical and experimental research about the origin, fate, and fundamental building blocks of the universe. The emphasis of the Center for Metamaterials Research is on the design, fabrication, and characterization of different metamaterials to explore novel wave phenomena and to manipulate light and sound in ways not possible before. The newly established IAS Center for Quantum Technologies brings together a team working across several core areas with focuses on quantum materials and devices, quantum control, and software. The Department’s goals for future growth are to enhance existing core strengths and build up world-class capabilities in rapidly developing areas aligned with university initiatives, such as big data and renewable energy and new energy materials.
The Department likewise aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and leaders in other fields by offering excellent educational opportunities at the undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) levels. Programs, courses, overseas academic exchange (UG) and overseas research exchange (UG and PG) opportunities are offered that cater to students’ diverse interests and needs.  We are proud to offer several experiential learning opportunities that build practical hands-on skills, innovative blended learning courses that employ non-traditional pedagogical methods, as well as an honors stream for students who seek a greater challenge than the mainstream UG academic program. UG education in the Department is also integrated with our strong research effort through several research opportunities that offer one-on-one faculty mentoring. Motivated UG students may take advantage of these opportunities by enrolling in Department research project courses, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), or the International Research Enrichment (IRE) program. PG education in the Department is focused on providing the students with what they need to build fundamental knowledge, develop their research ability and achieve outcomes at an internationally competitive level, and to grow as a scholar and in many aspects of professional development. The Department also nurture future generations of talents by leading the Physics Olympiad training and mentoring program of secondary school students for regional and international competitions.
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Department of Physics