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Program in Nano Science and Technology
The Physics Department offers MPhil and PhD Programs in Nano Science and Technology (NSNT). While diversified in its applications, Nano Science and Technology program has three well-defined core elements which define the basis of our teaching/research program. These three elements are: sample fabrication, characterization-experimentation, and theory-simulations.

The Nano Science and Technology (NSNT) Program aims to educate students with the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge to contribute to the long-term nanoscale research and development, which will lead to potential breakthroughs in areas such as materials and manufacturing, nano-electronics, medicine and healthcare, environment, energy, chemicals, and biotechnology. This program allows students to apply the knowledge in physical science to their study in nano science and technology.

Nano science and technology is perceived as one of the most important area affecting mankind in the 21st century. Nano science and technology is inherently interdisciplinary in nature. By being able to tailor material properties at the most fundamental level, nanotechnology is envisioned to impact virtually everything, from communications to energy production, environmental management, medicine, computing, and education.

The NSNT Program aims at training students with solid knowledge in nano material process, nano material characterization, nano device design and fabrication, nano structural observation and manipulation, etc. The graduates from this program should be creative and able to lead a nano technological project investigation. Applicants are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in physics or related field with satisfactory performance.
For details of the curricula and courses offered by Nano Science and Technology Program, please refer to the following links :

Program Catalog : http://pg.ust.hk/progcatalog/

Course Catalog : http://prog-crs.ust.hk/pgcourse/

NSNT Program Website: http://nanoprogram.ust.hk/