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Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) Physics

Atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics studies matter-matter and light-matter interactions at the scale of atoms and molecules. The development of AMO physics now has allowed for precise control of quantum systems in the level of single photons, atoms, and molecules. AMO physics has connections to many other fields, such as condensed matter physics, nuclear physics, cosmology, biophysics, quantum information science and technology, etc.
In the cutting-edge field of modern AMO physics, we explore fundamental light-matter quantum physics and develop applied quantum technologies. We currently have three faculty working in this area. Prof Shengwang Du’s Atom and Quantum Optics Lab focuses on generation, manipulation, and applications of narrowband entangled photons, as well as controlling their quantum interaction with various atomic systems (cold atoms, hot atomic vapor, etc.). Prof Du's other research interests also include developing advanced optical imaging techniques (such as super-resolution and light-sheet microscopies) for life science and biomedical engineering researches. Prof Gyu-Boong Jo's Laboratory for Ultracold Quantum Gases investigates quantum simulation with degenerate Fermi gases and Bose-Einstein condensate. Prof. Jingdi Zhang's lab works on ultrafast spectroscopy of quantum materials and metamaterials.
Prof Shengwang Du's group
Prof Gyu-Boong Jo's group
Prof. Jingdi Zhang's group