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SHAO Qiming 邵啟明
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Assistant Professor of Electronic and Computer Engineering
Personal Home Page
Tel 2358 7042
Fax 2358 1458
Email eeqshao
Office Room 2442
Prof Qiming Shao is currently an assistant professor in Electronic and Computer Engineering of HKUST, and affiliated with the Department of Physics. He received his Bachelor’s degree in 2013 from Tsinghua University and his Ph.D. in 2019 from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 
His lab aims to realize energy and time-efficient hardware for physical and quantum intelligence. His research interests are novel electronic and spintronic materials and structures for memory, neuromorphic and quantum computing applications. His research works are published in top peer-reviewed journals and conferences, including Science, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Electronics, Nature Communications, Nano Letters, and International Electron Device Meeting. 
He is a recipient of UCLA Distinguished PhD Dissertation Award, 2018-2019 Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2019 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad, two Best Poster Awards at 2018 International Conference on Magnetism, and 2015 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship finalist. 
Research Areas
  • Microelectronics
  • Magnetotransport
  • Magneto-optical properties
  • Quantum devices
  • Neuromorphic engineering
Representative Publications
  • Yuting Liu, Qiming Shao, Two-Dimensional Materials for Energy-Efficient Spin-Orbit Torque Devices, ACS Nano (2020).
  • Qiming Shao, Skyrmions get pushed beyond the limit, Nature Electronics 3 (1), 16-17 (2020).
  • Qiming Shao, Yawen Liu, Guoqiang Yu, Se Kwon Kim, Xiaoyu Che, Chi Tang, Qing Lin He, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, Jing Shi, Kang L. Wang, Topological Hall effect at above room temperature in heterostructures composed of a magnetic insulator and a heavy metal, Nature Electronics 2, 182 (2019).
  • Qiming Shao, Kang L. Wang, Heat-assisted microwave amplifier, Nature Nanotechnology 14, 9 (2019).
  • Qiming Shao, Hao Wu, Quanjun Pan, Peng Zhang, Lei Pan, Kin Wong, Xiaoyu Che and Kang L. Wang, Room Temperature Highly Efficient Topological Insulator/Mo/CoFeB Spin-Orbit Torque Memory with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy, IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (Dec. 2018).
  • Qiming Shao, Chi Tang, Guoqiang Yu, Aryan Navabi, Hao Wu, Congli He, Junxue Li, Pramey Upadhyaya, Peng Zhang, Seyed Armin Razavi, Qing Lin He, Yawen Liu, Pei Yang, Se Kwon Kim, Cheng Zheng, Yizhou Liu, Lei Pan, Roger Lake, Xiufeng Han, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, Jing Shi, Kang L. Wang, Role of dimensional crossover on spin-orbit torque efficiency in magnetic insulator thin films, Nature Communications 9, 3612 (2018).
  • Qiming Shao, Guoqiang Yu, Yann-Wen Lan, Yumeng Shi, Ming-Yang Li, Cheng Zheng, Xiaodan Zhu, Lain-Jong Li, Pedram Khalili Amiri, Kang L. Wang, Strong Rashba-Edelstein Effect-Induced Spin–Orbit Torques in Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenide/Ferromagnet Bilayers, Nano Letters 16 (12), 7514-7520 (2016).
  • Yabin Fan, Xufeng Kou, Pramey Upadhyaya, Qiming Shao, Lei Pan, Murong Lang, Xiaoyu Che, Jianshi Tang, Mohammad Montazeri, Koichi Murata, Li-Te Chang, Mustafa Akyol, Guoqiang Yu, Tianxiao Nie, Kin L. Wong, Jun Liu, Yong Wang, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, Kang L. Wang, Electric-field control of spin–orbit torque in a magnetically doped topological insulator, Nature Nanotechnology 11 (4), 352 (2016).
  • Xufeng Kou, Shih-Ting Guo, Yabin Fan, Lei Pan, Murong Lang, Ying Jiang, Qiming Shao, Tianxiao Nie, Koichi Murata, Jianshi Tang, Yong Wang, Liang He, Ting-Kuo Lee, Wei-Li Lee, Kang L Wang, Scale-invariant quantum anomalous Hall effect in magnetic topological insulators beyond the two-dimensional limit, Physical Review Letters 113, 137201 (2014).
Full Publication List [HKUST Scholarly Publications]