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1 November 2023
Congratulations to our Faculty: Awards and Fellowship
Congratulations to Prof. Tai-Kai Ng, Prof. Hoi Chun Adrian Po, and Prof. Penger Tong (l-r) of the Department of Physics for the recognition they received to honor their excellence in research and education.

Prof. Tai-Kai Ng was awarded the Medal of Honour from the Government of the Hong Kong SAR “for his contribution to Gifted Education and STEM Education in Hong Kong”. The Medal of Honour is awarded for community service in a district or in a particular area for a long period of time.

Prof. Hoi Chun Adrian Po and collaborators have been chosen as inaugural recipients of a Frontier of Science Award  in the 2023 International Congress of Basic Science. This award recognizes their research work on proposing explicit model and physical mechanism that explain the Mott insulating behavior and superconductivity observed in twisted bilayer graphene.

Prof. Penger Tong was elected as a Fellow of the Physical Society of Hong Kong. The PSHK Fellowship recognizes individuals who have or have been engaged in the community of physical sciences or related fields in Hong Kong and demonstrated exceptional scientific achievements in physics-related research and recognitions by his/her professional peers. Prof. Tong was cited “for his seminal discoveries and exploration of soft matter dynamics and fluid physics and his many contributions to education in experimental physics.”