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8 June 2023
The Luk Kam-Biu Prize and the Paul and May Chu Research Awards recognize outstanding undergraduate students
The Department of Physics is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Luk Kam-Biu Prize and the 2022 Paul and May Chu Undergraduate Research Awards. The Luk Kam-Biu Prize is awarded to Man Wai Katherine LAI. The Paul and May Chu Undergraduate Research Award is vacant, and Honorable Mentions are awarded to Michael Alexander KURNIAWAN and Chi San Ivor LEUNG. The Prize recognizes and encourages research achievements of undergraduate students in areas of experimentation, observation, or the analysis of experimental data. The Research Awards recognize physics undergraduate students for their outstanding research achievements in research in any area.


Man Wai Katherine LAI
Luk Kam-Biu Prize

“For exploring the potential of future colliders to discover new, anomalous properties of the Higgs boson” under the supervision of Prof. Kirill A. Prokofiev. 

Man Wai Katherine LAI has worked on the physics at future colliders under the supervision of Prof. Kirill A. Prokofiev for two years prior to receiving the Prize. This project requires learning and mastering of modern Monte Carlo generators, understanding the principles of physics analysis and profound knowledge in particle physics. She has achieved all the aforementioned skills in highly independent mode through hard and attentive work. The analysis results will be published in a refereed journal.


Michael Alexander KURNIAWAN
Paul and May Chu Undergraduate Research Award, Honorable Mention

“For studying the dynamical transfers field Ising model using the time dependent mean field theory,” under the supervision of Prof. Xi Dai.

Michael Alexander KURNIAWAN has worked on condensed matter physics under the supervision of Prof. Xi Dai since Summer 2022. In this project, Michael has finished the coding of the numerical method and found some interesting structure in the phase diagram, which is different from the observation for the static transfers field Ising model.


Chi San Ivor LEUNG
Paul and May Chu Undergraduate Research Award, Honorable Mention

“For making a low-cost fluorescence microscope”, under the supervision of Prof. Yi-Kuen Lee.

Chi San Ivor LEUNG has worked on the problems of biomedical optics in the MEMS research lab under the supervision of Prof. Yi-Kuen Lee since Summer 2021. In this project, he successfully made a low-cost fluorescence microscope with a comparable performance to a commercial fluorescence microscope (Olympus IX70, Japan). This work was accepted by the 2022 Asia-Pacific Conference on Transducers and Micro-Nano Technology (APCOT 2022, http://apcot2022.casconf.cn), May 29~June 1, 2022 and published in the conference proceedings. He was the first author and the presenter of this paper.