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30 May 2023
EPS Prize awarded to the Daya Bay Collaboration
The 2023 European Physical Society (EPS) High Energy and Particle Physics Prize was awarded to Cecilia Jarlskog for the discovery of an invariant measure of CP violation in both quark and lepton sectors; and to the Daya Bay and RENO collaborations for the observation of short-baseline reactor electron-antineutrino disappearance, providing the first determination of the neutrino mixing angle 𝜃!", which paves the way for the detection of CP violation in the lepton sector.

The Daya Bay Collaboration is an international team with members coming from China, U.S.A., Chile, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Russia, and Taiwan. Professor Kam Biu Luk initiated the experiment and has been the co-spokesperson of the collaboration. Since 2021, Prof. Luk has been Chair Professor of Physics and IAS Paul C.W. Chu Professor at HKUST.