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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is the youngest and most dynamic university within Hong Kong. HKUST is not only the fastest growing university in the world but also has become one of the best internationally renowned research universities in Asia. Its research covers most of the frontier fields of physics and materials physics science, including Cold Atoms, Optics and Quantum Information, Condensed Matter Theory, Statistical and Computational Physics, Condensed Matter Experiments and Advanced Materials, Particle Physics and Cosmology, Soft Matter and Biological Physics, Wave Functional Materials and Physics. Please visit https://physics.ust.hk/ for further details.
2024 Summer Research Camp for Prospective Students (5 days) 
(for Admission in 2025/26 Fall) 

Summer Camp Agenda: Introduction to various research directions, interactive academic exchanges between prospective students and faculty members, frontier lectures on physics, written examinations and admission interviews. Participants with outstanding performance may be given informal conditional admission offer for 2025/26 Fall by the Department at the end of the summer camp.

Date: July 2-6, 2024 (5 days)

Target: applicants of PhD/MPhil in department of Physics for 2025/26 Fall Admission

Fee:  On-campus student hostel (2-3 person per room) will be provided. Participants will receive food subsidy in the means of meal coupons. Participants are responsible for round-trip travel expenses including but not limited to visa application fee and travel insurance.

Application Deadline: 24 May 2024

Admission Requirements for PhD/MPhil in Physics Program:

  1. Outstanding academic performance from a recognized institution; should have obtained a relevant bachelor’s degree or master's degree from a recognized institute
  2. Fulfill the University's English Language requirements, i.e. provide proof of obtained TOEFL (iBT: 80) or IELTS (Academic Module Overall score: 6.5) (Note: submission of official result is not required when apply)
  3. Pass exam and interview requirements

(Important Notes: Applicants are recommended to contact the potential supervisors, and these applicants with potential supervisor’s endorsement will have higher priority to be invited to the summer camp and get the offer.)


  • Successful applicants will receive Postgraduate Studentship of HK$18,390 per month  (2023-24 cohort reference figure)
  • Outstanding applicants will be nominated to apply for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (http://www.rgc.edu.hk/hkphd). Successful awardee will receive stipend of HK$27,600 per month and travel allowance of HK$13,800 per year from the scheme and may have a chance to additionally receive HK$40,000 of "Redbird Scholarship" (2023-24 cohort reference figure)  in the first year (https://pg.ust.hk/prospective-students/scholarship-fees/generous-scholarships).

Online Application Form: https://wj.qq.com/s2/14152499/4882/

Enquiry: phweb@ust.hk
2024 Summer Research Program (5 weeks)
(for Admission in 2025/26 Fall) 

Research Program Agenda: This 5-week research program is designed for third year undergraduates in a 4-year BSc program who are interested in conducting research under the supervision of a physics faculty members at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Since the activities of the Physics Summer Camp and the Summer Research Internship Program overlap in the first week (2-6 July 2024), participants who wish to participate in the Physics Summer Camp (and the Summer Research Internship Program must first obtain the written confirmation (email) from a physics faculty member who will serve as your faculty supervisor during this 5-week program. Students with outstanding performance may receive an informal conditional admission offer for 2025/26 Fall at the end of the summer camp.

Date: 2 July – 6 August, 2024 (5 weeks)

Target: Year-3 undergraduate students of a 4-year bachelor program majoring in science and related discipline, and have attained a GPA of 3.2 out of 4.0 (or 80%) or higher.

Fee: Successful applicants will be automatically enrolled in the 5-day Summer Research Camp (2-6 July 2024). Participants must apply for Undergraduate (UG) Visiting Internship via the online admission system [https://join.hkust.edu.hk/admissions/visiting] by the specific deadline (to be announced). Participants will be responsible for application fee and tuition fee for UG Visiting Internship, student visa fee, round-trip travel expense, travel insurance and other travel related expenses.

Application Deadline: 15 March 2024 (successful participant will need to apply for student visa)

Online Application Form: https://wj.qq.com/s2/14152499/4882/

 Enquiry: phweb@ust.hk

香港科技大學2024年物理夏令營 (5天)


夏令營目的:介紹研究方向,學生互動交流,物理前沿講座,物理摸底考試及入學面試。表現優異的同學將在夏令營結束時獲得2025/26 秋季入學非正式有條件錄取通知。






  • 成績優秀,入學時持有相關學科的學士或碩士學位。
  • 符合學校英語水準的統一要求,提供例如 TOEFL (iBT: 80) 或 IELTS (Band: 6.5) 等成績的證明文件。(注:無須在申請時提交正式英文成績。)
  • 通過筆試 (物理摸底考試)及面試



  • 如獲取錄,將提供全額研究生獎學金(每月港幣18,390元(2023/24)。
  • 特別優秀的申請人會被推薦申請香港博士研究生獎學金計畫(http://www.rgc.edu.hk/hkphd),獲選者可獲每月港幣27,600元獎學金及每年港幣13,800元學術交流資助。香港科技大學理學院同時追加特別獎學金,表現優異者也有機會獲得四萬元港幣的“紅鳥”入學獎學金 (2023/24) (https://fytgs.hkust.edu.hk/scholarships/hong-kong-phd-fellowship-scheme

報名連結: https://wj.qq.com/s2/14152499/4882/

聯繫郵箱: phweb@ust.hk

香港科技大學理學院2024暑期研究實習計劃 (5周)  

實習計畫目的:此計畫旨在為有興趣於香港科技大學就讀研究生課程並已完成三年的本科生透過與本校理學院導師共同進行為期五星期的研究專案體驗研究生生活。由於物理夏令營及暑期研究實習計畫活動時間會在首星期重迭 ,欲參加物理夏令營及暑期研究實習計畫的參加者必需先獲得本校物理系導師同意作為主辦方導師。表現優異的同學將在夏令營結束時獲得2025/26 秋季入學非正式有條件錄取通知。

日期:2023年7月2日 - 8月6日(5周)

對象:四年制學士學位課程的三年級本科生,主修科學及相關學科,且 GPA 達到 3.2 (滿分為 4.0) (或 80%) 或更高。

費用:成功獲邀參加本實習計畫之參加者將自動獲選參與夏令營(五天,2024年7月2-6日)。參加者需在指定日期(確實日期稍後通知)前透過網上系統[https://join.hkust.edu.hk/admissions/visiting]遞交本科實習申請(Undergraduate (UG) Visiting Internship)。學校提供大學宿舍免費住宿和餐飲補貼 (餐飲補貼僅適用於2024年7月2-6日)。參加者自行負擔來往旅費、旅遊保險、簽證費等


報名連結: https://wj.qq.com/s2/14152499/4882/

聯繫郵箱: phweb@ust.hk