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Cluster deposition system
Intensive and size controllable cluster deposition system.  This is a plasma-gas-condensation-type (PGC) deposition system, by which particles with very narrow size distribution can be fabricated (Fig. 1). A large amount of Ar gas (the Ar gas flow rate, VAr ~20 cm3/s) will be injected continuously into the sputtering chamber from a gas inlet, and effectively evacuated by a mechanical booster pump (MEP) through a small nozzle whose typical diameter was 1-3 mm. Clusters were formed in a carrier gas flow, and ejected through the small nozzle and two skimmers by differential pumping, and then deposited onto a substrate fixed on a sample holder in the deposition chamber (~10-5 torr). The sizes of the clusters can be controlled by the Ar gas flow rate, nozzle diameter and sputtering power.  Fig. 2 shows a TEM image of Cu particles fabricated by using the above system. It is evident that the particles are quite uniform in size. In our system the rf sputtering power supply will be used, that is, we may be able to fabricate non-metallic particles.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2