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Quantum Design SQUID Magnetometer for magnetic measurement and magnetotransport measurements. The Quantum Design magnetometer (MPMS-5s) is equipped with a superconductor magnet (5 Tesla), AC susceptibility measurement and Reciprocating Sample Option (RSO).  The temperature range is $1.8 \text{K} \leq T \leq 400 \text{K}$, with a furnace of $ 300 \text{K} \leq T \leq 800 \text{K} $.
  • Magnetic measurements: Magnetization as a function of temperature and magnetic field, e.g., $M(T)$, $M(H)$, etc.
  • AC susceptibility measurements with frequency 10-3 Hz to 103 Hz.
  • Electrical and Magnetotransport measurements: Magnetoresistance (MR), Hall Effect, and temperature-dependent resistivity measurements can be performed in the temperature range $1.8 \text{K} \leq T \leq 400 \text{K}$ with field $-5 \text{T} \leq H \leq 5 \text{T}$.