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Acoustic Metamaterials: from Topology to Applications
Speaker Prof. Zhi Hong Hang, Soochow University
Date 8 February 2024 (Thursday)
Time 10:30 - 12:00
Venue Room 2503, Academic Building, HKUST (Lifts 25-26)

 With extraordinary properties unfound in natural materials, acoustic metamaterials are demonstrating a wide range of prospects from basic research to industrial applications based on artificial structural design. Starting from the Nobel Prize-winning topological physics, acoustic metamaterials are used to design and verify the quantum spin Hall effect, and provide design ideas for new acoustic devices with new topological mechanisms. In addition, based on causality principle, a series of ideas for designing artificial resonance structures have been developed, providing industrialized solutions for pipeline acoustics, such as air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and other application scenarios. Combined with spectrum customization and low-cost large-scale production and processing, acoustic metamaterials play an important role in future acoustic industry.

Please contact phweb@ust.hk should you have questions about the talk.