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Charged or not charged: Quantum manipulation with trapped single atoms
Speaker Dr Yiheng Lin
JILA, University of Colorado Boulder
Date 6 April 2017 (Thursday)
Time 11:00 - 12:00
Venue Room 2304 (Lifts 17-18), HKUST
Recent decades have seen techniques being rapidly developed for trapped individual atoms, bringing in low system entropy and excellent control of the couplings from the environment, making these atoms ideal building blocks to assemble quantum systems from the bottom-up. This is especially useful for the study of quantum mechanics and quantum engineering. In this talk, I will describe two experiment platforms – trapped atomic ions with electric potential and trapped neutral atoms with optical tweezers, and along the line I will focus on three experiments that shows that both platforms have demonstrated these capabilities. For trapped ions, I will describe a recent demonstration of high fidelity two-qubit quantum logic gate with two 9Be+ ions, and a dissipative production of a maximally entangled state with a 9Be+ - 24Mg+ - 24Mg+ - 9Be+ ion chain. For neutral atoms, I will describe a recent experiment that forms an atomic 50:50 beam splitter by careful control of trapping potentials, and based on this creating spin entanglement between two 87Rb atoms with post-selection. At the end, I will describe a proposal to further develop these platforms, towards making them reliable and practical devices for quantum manipulation. 
About the Speaker
Dr Yiheng Lin got his PhD at University of Colorado Boulder in 2015. He was working under supervision of Prof David Wineland, focusing on three dimensional Paul trap for few ion experiments. Dr Lin and coworkers demonstrated ion ground state cooling, transport, and entanglement on the ions - techniques towards scalable trapped ion quantum computing. For his thesis work he demonstrated sympathetic cooling of mixed species ion chains with electromagnetically induced transparency, and entanglement generation on ions with novel dissipative and coherent methods. Dr Lin is currently a postdoctoral researcher at JILA institute in Prof Cindy Regal group, working on using near diffraction limited focused laser beams to trap individual neutral Rubidium atoms. With the demonstrated capabilities of ground-state cooling, coherent tunneling and on-site atom spin entangling interactions, currently, he and coworkers have demonstrated entangling two atoms by post-selection. Dr Lin is currently working towards simulating few body quantum physics.