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As an emerging area in physics, biophysics is an interdisciplinary research that applies the physics methods to study biological problems, covering all scales from molecular to organismic.  There have been many exciting developments at the interface of physics and biology and the study of biological systems is broadening the horizons of the HKUST Physics. The biophysics research directions in the department include optical microscopy and cell bioimaging (Prof Shengwang Du, Prof Hyokeun Park), soft matter physics on live cell membrane (Prof Penger Tong), and computational neuroscience (Prof Michael Wong). We have worked together with the Division of Life Science to build the Super-Resolution Imaging Center (SRIC) – an interdisciplinary research platform for physicists, life scientists, chemists in the School of Science, as well as the colleagues in Biomedical Engineering.
Prof Shengwang Du’s group
Prof Hyokeun Park’s group
Prof Penger Tong’s group
Prof Michael Wong's group
SRIC: Super-Resolution Imaging Center