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Particle Physics and Cosmology
Particle Physics and Cosmology

The particle physics and cosmology are aiming to answer the most basic and the most fundamental scientific questions: What everything around us is made of? How do these components interact and what keeps them together? What is the origin of our Universe and how does it evolve? While been addressed at very different physical scales, ranging from subatomic particles to the entire Universe, these questions are deeply interconnected. Studies of elementary particles help explaining the observed cosmological structures and vice versa. Successful advancement of our knowledge in these areas requires a tight collaboration between experimentalist and theorists in both fields. Studies performed in HKUST include nearly all aspects of the modern particle physics and cosmology: theoretical and experimental particle physics, astroparticle physics, observational astrophysics and cosmology.
Prof Andrew Cohen
Prof Tao Liu
Prof Kirill Prokofiev
Prof George Smoot
Prof Henry Tye
Prof Yi Wang