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PANT Nidhi
Tel 2358 7486
Email pantnidhi
Office Room 4451
Dr. Nidhi Pant obtained her PhD in cosmology through a visiting student program at Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, India and Jamia Millia Islamia.

Before joining HKUST, she worked as a research associate at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2021-2022).

She worked as a Claude Leon and SKA postdoctoral fellow at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town (2013 to 2017) and postdoctoral researcher at Inter University center for Astronomy and Astrophysics(IUCAA) in Pune, India (2013-2017). At IUCAA, she worked with a team and contributed to testing “Isotropy and Statistics of the CMB” for European Space Agency’s Planck mission which mapped the anisotropies in Cosmic Microwave Background(CMB).

Research Area

Dr Pant’s current primary research interest is exploring the potential of Pulsar timing arrays to detect stochastic gravitational wave background and individual sources.

Her research revolved around testing fundamental assumptions in the concordance model of cosmology with cosmic microwave background (CMB) and SKA. She worked on exploring the possibility of isotropy violation in the distribution of matter, and its relation to isotropy-violation in the background radiation.

List of publications:

1. “Measuring our velocity from fluctuations in number counts”, Nidhi Pant, Aditya Rotti, Carlos Bengaly, Roy Maartens, JCAP03, (2019), 023, arXiv:1808.09743

2. “Estimating SI violation in CMB due to non-circular beam and com- plex scan in minutes”, Nidhi Pant, Santanu Das, Aditya Rotti, Sanjit Mitra, Tarun Souradeep, JCAP03, (2016), 035, arXiv:1511.03672

3. “Planck 2015 results. XVI. Isotropy and statistics of the CMB” A&A, 594 (2016) A16, arXiv:1506.07135v1

4. “Recovering hidden signals of statistical anisotropy from a masked or partial CMB sky”, Pavan K. Aluri, Nidhi Pant, Aditya Rotti, Tarun Souradeep, Submitted to Proceeding of 11th Rencontres du Vietnam on Cosmology - 50 years after CMB discovery, Quy Nhon, Vietnam (August 16-22, 2015)

5. “Novel approach to reconstructing signals of isotropy violation from a masked CMB sky”, Pavan K. Aluri, Nidhi Pant, Aditya Rotti, Tarun Souradeep, Phys. Rev. D , Vol. 92, 083015 (2015)

6. “Orthogonal BipoSH measures : Scrutinizing sources of isotropy violation”,  Saurabh Kumar, Aditya Rotti, Moumita Aich, Nidhi Pant, Sanjit Mitra, Tarun Souradeep, Phys. Rev. D , Vol. 91, 043501 (2015)

7. “Statistical isotropy violation in WMAP CMB maps due to non-circular beams”,  Santanu Das, Aditya Rotti, Nidhi Pant, Sanjit Mitra, Tarun Souradeep, A&A 591, A97 (2016)

8. “Statistics of Statistical Anisotropic measures”, Nidhi Joshi, Aditya Rotti, Tarun Souradeep, Presented at ICGC, GOA, 2012, published in Open Journal of Physics

9. “Statistics of Bipolar Representation of CMB maps” Nidhi Joshi, Aditya Rotti, Tarun Souradeep, Phys. Rev. D , Vol. 85, 043004 (2012), arXiv:1109.0729

10. “Bipolar Harmonic encoding of CMB correlation patterns” Nidhi Joshi, Sanjay Jhingan, Tarun Souradeep, Amir Hajian, Phys. Rev. D , Vol. 81, 083012 (2010), arXiv:0912.3217