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PHYS 1112  -  General Physics I with Calculus
Course last offered 
Spring 2020/21
 Hoi Chun PO, Yilong HAN, Michael ALTMAN, Tian Wen CHEN, Man Fung CHEUNG, Kam Sing WONG 
No. of credits

Teaching Pattern
  • Duration of course: about 13 weeks
  • Lecture hour(s) / tutorial hour(s) per week: 3 / 1
  • Motions and Newton's laws
  • Work and energy
  • Conservation of energy and momentum
  • Rotation
  • Rigid body
  • Simple harmonic and damped oscillations
  • Forced oscillations
  • Standing waves and sound waves
  • Kinetic theory
  • The laws of thermodynamics
  • For students under the 4-year degree
  • PHYS 1111 and PHYS 1112 target students who have learned the most basic knowledge in physics in high school. Students with more advanced physics background should consider taking PHYS 1312. PHYS 1112 employs a calculus-based approach. Students without knowledge of calculus should take PHYS 1111 instead.
  • Exclusion: PHYS 1111, PHYS 1312
  • Prerequisite: (Level 3 or above in HKDSE 1/2x or in HKDSE 1x Physics) and Level 3 or above in HKDSE Mathematics Extended Module M1/M2
  • Students without the physics prerequisite but have taken PHYS 1001 or equivalent, and/or without the mathematics prerequisite but have taken MATH 1012/ MATH 1013/ MATH 1020/ MATH 1023 or equivalent may seek instructor’s approval for enrolling in the course
  • Common Core Course