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PhD Thesis Presentation
Laser system for addressing the 1S0 -> 3P0 clock transition in Yb atoms
Speaker Mr. HAJIYEV, Elnur
Department of Physics, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Date 30 June 2021 (Wednesday)
Time 10:00 (Hong Kong time)
Venue Online (Zoom)

In this thesis, we report a home-made laser system planned and built to address a clock 578 nm transition (1S0 !3 P0) in Ytterbium (Yb) atoms. A cost-effective, compact two-stage laser system consisting of a master laser at 1157 nm and the second harmonic generation (SHG) has been designed and realized, which delivers up to 10 mW stable amount of 578 nm light to the experimental chamber. In order to narrow down the laser linewidth, high-finesse optical reference cavity has been purchased, assembled and fully characterized. The laser frequency is stabilized to the ULE reference cavity. We have addressed the clock transition in Ytterbium atoms in 1064 nm ODT trap in a Doppler broadened fashion. Our next goal is to built a magic wavelength laser for confining atoms in space so that we can achieve the promised high resolution with the clock transition. Due to this long-lived metastable state and narrow-line optical transitions, Ytterbium system provides a versatile platform to emulate rich solid-state physics [1]. Potential applications are, but not limited to, implementation of spin-orbit-coupling (SOC) as in [2], creation of strongly interacting Fermi gas using orbital Feshbach resonance between clock state and groun state [3], trap depth and cloud temperature measurements [4], spectroscopy of band structure of our 1D, 2D optical-Raman-lattice systems that are currently realized [5].


Meeting Link: To request for meeting link, please write to phjacma@ust.hk.