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17 October 2019
Welcome New Faculty Members in 2019
Prof. Bei Zeng (left) and Prof. Jingdi Zhang (right)
The Department of Physics is proud to welcome two new faculty members:

Assistant Professor Jingdi Zhang received his Bachelor’s degree at University of Science and Technology of China, and Ph.D. in Physics at Boston University. Prior to joining HKUST, he was a postdoctoral researcher at UC San Diego. His research interest is using state-of-the-art ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy to interrogate and control non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum materials and artificial materials, through light-matter interaction on femtosecond (10-15 s) to picosecond (10-12 s) timescale.

Professor Bei Zeng receive her Ph.D. in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior to joining HKUST, she was Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Guelph and Affiliate Faculty at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Prof.  Zeng’s research focuses on information processing and computing based on quantum effects such as superposition and entanglement.