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28 August 2019
New Physics course announcement - Contemporary Applications of Physics
Dear physics students,
If you ever wonder how the physics knowledge you learned can change the world, you may be interested in the new courses introduced in Fall 2019 under the collective title Contemporary Applications of Physics:
PHYS 4811 - Contemporary Applications of Physics: Machine Learning in Physics (1 unit)
PHYS 4812 - Contemporary Applications of Physics: Quantum Information Technology (1 unit)
PHYS 4813 - Contemporary Applications of Physics: Atmospheric Physics - Making Sense of Weather and Climate (1 unit)
These 1 unit courses share the same lecture-tutorial time slots but each runs for 4 weeks only in a sequential manner. They are mutually independent and you can take any one, two or three of them in the same term.
Course website link:

Feel free to email or talk to the instructors if you have any question concerning these courses.

Instructor contact information:

PHYS 4811 – Fall 2019-20 Course Instructor: Prof. Tao LIU (Email: taoliu@ust.hk)

PHYS 4812 – Fall 2019-20 Course Instructor: Prof. Gyu-Boong JO (Email: gbjo@ust.hk)

PHYS 4813 – Fall 2019-20 Course Instructor: Dr. Sai Kit CHEUNG (Email: leoncheungsk@ust.hk)

Thank you for your attention.

Department of Physics, HKUST