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PHYS 5510 - From Classical to Quantum Field Theory

Course last offered 
Spring 2009/10
NG Tai Kai
No. of credits

Teaching Pattern
  • Duration of course: about 14 weeks
  • Lecture hour(s) per week: 3 
  • What is a field theory?
  • Basic Mathematics tools in (classical) field theory
  • Basis of classical field theory
  • Quantization of classical field theories I & II
  • Perturbation theory, variational approach and correlation functions
  • Introduction to Berry phase and Gauge theory
  • Introduction to effective field theory, phases and phase transition
  • Solitons, Instantons & Topology in QFT
  • Simple Boson liquids - introduction to superfluidity
  • Simple Fermion liquids - introduction to Fermi liquid theory
  • Superconductivity
  • Introduction to Gauge theoires
  • One particle Green's function in second order perturbation theory
  • Prerequisite: PHYS 5110, PHYS 5250
  • Course no longer offered.