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PHYS 1413 - Introductory Electromagnetism and Modern Physics
Course last offered 
Spring 2011/12
Nian LIN
No. of credits

Teaching Pattern
  • Duration of course: about 13 weeks
  • Lecture hour(s) per week: 3
  • Electric charge, Coulom law, Electric field, field lines, Motion of charge in field
  • Electric flux, Gauss law and application
  • Electric potential and energy, Capacitance and capacitors, Energy storage Capacitors with dielectric
  • Electric current and resistance
  • DC circuit, Magnetic field and motion of charge in magnetic field
  • Magnetic force on current segment, Current loop, Hall effect
  • Sources of magnetic field, Biot-Savart law
  • Ampere law, Solenoid, magnetic flux, Ampere law, Faraday law
  • Lenz law, Induced emf, Generators and motors, eddy current
  • Inductance, Self-inductance
  • RL circuit, energy in magnetic field, Oscillations in LC circuit, RLC circuit
  • Displacement current and Electromagnetic Waves, Maxwell's Equations
  • Interference of Light Waves
  • Diffraction of light Waves
  • Quantum Physics, Planck hypothesis, photoelectric effect, photon Wave properties of particles, Bohr's atom model, double-slit experiment
  • Quantum Mechanics, Schrodinger equation, Particle in a box, Tunneling, STM
  • Exclusion: PHYS 112 (prior to 2007-08), PHYS 2421
  • Prerequisite: PHYS 1411


PHYS 1413 will not be offered w.e.f. 2012/13. It can be substituted by PHYS 1114 or PHYS 1154.