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Expert Sharing Seminar
Speaker Dr. Ethan Bai, Optima Integration Group
Date 2 November 2020 (Monday)
Time 16:00 - 17:00
Venue Zoom Meeting ID: 929 6735 6799 (Passcode: 019652)

How Artificial Intelligence can Help Fuel Company Growth - The possibilities presented by big data and AI open up exciting opportunities for companies. When talking about AI, people think about self-driving cars, advanced robotics, or other fancy applications like Google AlphaGo that can beat top human players. In this discussion, we will learn how AI can actually help traditional industries. We will walk through ten different areas in nonhigh-tech companies that can largely benefit from AI technology. We will share insights on what key characters should be for a successful AI engine built for companies. We hope students will have a broadened thought on where and how to apply AI in their future careers after this seminar.



Dr. Ethan Bai is a Group CEO of Optima Integration Group (OIG) and leads OIG to be the TOP 500 enterprises in China. He has over 40 publications with citation over 3000 and be an editor & reviewer for over 20 leading journals. Dr. Bai has a great deal of experience to serve in multiple world-leading companies. He received a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the Ohio State University.