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Attosecond Optical Spectroscopy: A Brief Historical Development and
Future Opportunities
Speaker Dr. Tran Trung Luu, ETH Zurich
Date 11 February 2019 (Monday)
Time 11:00 to 12:30
Venue Lecture Theatre G (Lifts 25-26), HKUST

Investigation of electronic dynamics in its native time scale requires tool that possesses comparable or shorter temporal confinement. In this talk, we will briefly review the historical development of attosecond science (1 attosecond = 1 as = 10-18 seconds). Being fueled by the Chirped Pulse Amplification, the technology being honored by the Nobel Physics prize 2018, intense light – matter interaction had been pushed to a new paradigm where attosecond electronic dynamics could be probed in real time. We will show how the fastest optical light pulses, electromagnetic pulses with the carrier wavelength in the visible range, whose duration is confined to ~ 400 as, are created and measured. In addition, ultrashort laser pulses not only brought attosecond spectroscopy to the gas phase but also to the condensed phase. Coherent, intense extreme ultraviolet radiation is created from intense laser – solid interaction and it may serve as a new tool to optically study the bandstructure of solids. This new tool opened avenues for applied applications of extreme ultraviolet radiation and also a tremendous opportunity for studying the electronic structure and dynamics of condensed matter.


Tran Trung Luu (1986) received his Master of Science in Physics at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea; Doctor of Philosophy in Physics in Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Germany; and currently working as ETH Postdoctoral Fellow in ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He has been actively engaged in state-of-the-art researches on ultrashort laser pulses and attosecond science. He contributed and played an important role on bringing attosecond science from the gas phase to the condensed phase. He has received numerous awards/honors for his studies as well as for his pioneering researches.