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Observation of Broad High-partial-wave Feshbach Resonances in
Ultracold 85Rb−87Rb Mixtures
Speaker Ms. Yue Cui, Tsinghua University
Date 14 December 2018 (Friday)
Time 15:00 - 16:30
Venue Lecture Theatre H (Lifts 27-28), HKUST

Ultracold atoms with controllable interaction via Feshbach resonance (FR) have provided an ideal platform to study novel phenomena in quantum systems. Of particular interest, broad high-partial-wave FRs are potentially useful for quantum simulation of nonzero partial-wave coupling dominated many-body physics. In this talk, I will report our recent observation of broad p-wave and d-wave FRs in the lowest open channel free of two-body spin flip loss. For the d-wave FRs, we observe for the first time a triplet structure with splitting ratio well explained by the perturbation to the closed channel due to interatomic spin-spin interaction. Our experiments are guided by an analytic multichannel quantum-defect theory which is robust and efficient for FRs of high partial waves.