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From Superconducting Quantum Simulation to Strongly-Enhanced Quantum Adiabaticity
Speaker Prof. Lin Tian, University of California, Merced
Date 9 October 2018 (Tuesday)
Time 16:00 - 17:30
Venue Room 2303 (Lifts 17-18), HKUST

The state-of-the-art of superconducting quantum devices enables the development of medium-sized quantum computers that have the potential to demonstrate quantum advantages over their classical counterparts. In this talk, I will discuss our recent works on superconducting analog quantum simulators, where circuit QED is an essential building block. In particular, I will present a universal and implementable approach to quantum adiabaticity via a circuit QED setup for adiabatic quantum computers. This approach does not require the spectral knowledge of the adiabatic quantum computer or the construction of unphysical Hamiltonians.


Lin Tian received her Ph.D. in Physics in 2002 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After holding research positions at Universität Innsbruck, NIST at Gaithersburg, and Stanford University, she joined the School of Natural Sciences at the University of California, Merced, in 2008. Her current research interests include theoretical questions in solid-state quantum computing, quantum simulation, hybrid quantum systems, optomechanics, and decoherence.