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Top-down Moulding of Wave-forms and Wave-parameters
Speaker Prof. Namkyoo Park, Seoul National University
Date 31 July 2018 (Tuesday)
Time 11:00 to 12:30
Venue Room 4502 (Lifts 25-26), HKUST

The top–down deterministic moulding of functional wave-forms, and the top-down decoupled access to various wave-parameters are critical issues, in terms of both scientific interests and application perspectives.  In this talk, we will summarize our recent efforts on above focuses. First, in the template of correlated disorder, we will present a top-down deterministic approach to the moulding of functional designer eigensystems, of target eigenspectra [Nat. Comm. 8269, 2015, Optica, 836, 2016 , Phys. Rev. App., 054010, 2017], or target waveforms [Science Adv., e1501851, 2016, Sci. Rep., 2139, 2017, ACS Photonics, 1499, 2018]. For the access toward designer wave-parameters, the decoupled, top down design of meta-atom in acoustic domain achieving target (ρ, B-1, ξ) [Nat. Comm. 13012, 2016], and in electro-magnetic domain achieving target (ε, μ) [Sci. Rep. 42447, 2017] will be presented in the metamaterial / metasurface templates, with some application examples such as the bianisotropic meta-surface accomplishing a fully-decoupled Snell’s law. Finally, the realizations of amplitude-phase (A, ϕ) decoupled designer waves built on Bohmian photonics platform [Phys. Rev. Lett., 193902, 2018], and the emergence of designer transverse spin lightwaves at the topological interface of hyperbolic metamaterials [Phys. Rev. Lett., 203901, 2018] will be discussed.



Namkyoo Park
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Seoul University

With background in Physics (’87, B.S., SNU. ’88 M.S., Brown), after finishing Ph.D. from Caltech (’94) followed by PostDoc at Bell Labs (MH, ’94-‘96) and senior researcher at Samsung Electronics (‘96-‘97), Professor Park started to work at the Dept. of ECE, Seoul National University (‘97~).

He served as an associate editor for Photonics Technology Letters (IEEE), Optics Express (OSA), and Optical Fiber Technology (Academic Press) for total of 16 years, and currently is a member of Advisory Board for ACS Photonics.  Prof. Park was one of the four recipients of the Young Scientist Award conferred by the President of Korea in 2003, and currently leading a team of 17 faculty members nationwide, for a 9-year project of Electromagnetic Metamaterials with a yearly budget of 2.5M USD.   He is also a co-founder of Luxpert technologies (shipped ~ 10,000 EDFA incl. NTT Japan) and RouteJade (ultrathin LIB, yearly revenue of 20M USD).

His research portfolio includes: at present, Metamaterials (Optical, MW, Acoustic), Correlated disorder Photonics, Optical Spin- Angular- Momentum, & in the past, Photonic Logic Circuits, Optical Coding for transmission / sensor systems, Long distance optical transmission systems, and Optical Amplifiers (Erbium, Thulium, Raman, Semiconductor).