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Weyl Semimetal TaAs family: Chiral Anomaly and Other Transport Properties
Speaker Prof Shuang Jia
Peking University, China
Date 21 April 2017 (Friday)
Time 15:00 - 16:00
Venue Room 5560 (Lifts 27-28), HKUST
Physical studies on Weyl semimetals soar since the discovery of the Weyl quasiparticles in TaAs family. Of particular interesting is the transport properties associated with the chirality of the Weyl quasiparticles, for example, negative longitudinal magnetoresistance induced by a charge pumping effect (an Adler-Bell-Jackiw anomaly). I will present my understanding of the myriad electrical transport features of TaAs family based a survey of recent publications, including our results. I will discuss whether these transport properties are unique for the Weyl quasiparticles. I will also show our observation of a sign-reversal Hall signal of TaP in an intense magnetic field. This phenomenon is understood as a magnetic tunneling of the lowest Landau band of a pair of Weyl nodes which leads to a unique, field-induced Weyl node annihilation and gap opening in the Weyl semimetal.